Flying Vehicle

Flying Vehicle

Reduce travel time, maximize your time

The sky is our new road. It can take you to your destination faster. 
SkyDrive’s flying vehicles avoid traffic jams or waiting at lights and offer a more private and comfortable journey.

Door-to-door Air Travel on a Daily Basis

Extremely compact and light flying vehicle makes it possible to take-off and land almost anywhere.
Your parking lots and helipads on commercial buildings can be new airports.

Quiet and Affordable Air Transportation

SkyDrive’s flying vehicle achieves quiet and zero-operating-emission air travel.  
Simpler electric aircraft structure makes flights more affordable. 

SD-03 Prototype Flying Vehicle

Manned Flight Test in August 2020

SD-XX SkyDrive’s Concept Model

  • SkyDrive Inc.

Specifications of SD-XX Concept Model


Main Features

・Vertical Take-off and Landing
・Compact and Light
・Emission Free

※Original idea : Daisuke Iguchi (CARTIVATOR) Refinement : Tetsuya Kon(SkyDrive)

Design and specifications are subject to change depending on the state of the peripheral technology and social infrastructure

Basic Specifications

Size 4m(L)×4m(W)×2.0m(H)

Flight Specifications

Maximum takeoff weight 400kg
Maximam cruse speed40-50km/h
Flight time5-10 minutes

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