Beyond Drive.

SkyDrive Public Manned Flight Test in August 2020


Flying Vehicle

Zero-emission flying vehicle prototype
that completed manned flight test


Cargo Drone

SkyDrive’s cargo drone “SkyLift” carries cargo
of up to 30 kg on each flight


Future World with SkyDrive

The sky is our new road.
It is not a distant dream.
It is real and right before our eyes.

SkyDrive is a Japanese developer of zero-emission flying vehicle and heavy-lift cargo drones.In the development of flying cars, we are the only company in Japan that has successfully conducted manned test flights.

Roadmap towards Air Mobility Revolution by Japanese Government

SkyDrive involves in designing the future system of an air mobility society as a member of Japan’s Public-Private Council for advanced air mobility.

Roadmap to sky mobility revolution


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