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SkyDrive Launches Drone Light Show Business

SkyDrive Launches Drone Light Show Business

SkyDrive is proud to announce the launch of its new business: planning and operation service for drone light shows. This cutting-edge entertainment features small drones equipped with high-intensity LEDs, creating programmed animations in the night sky.

■ Why SkyDrive Started Drone Show Business?
SkyDrive has conducted over 1,000 drone operations since 2019, including equipment transportation in construction sites and mountainous areas. In January of this year, at the request of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, we utilized drones for reconnaissance and supply transportation in the disaster area of the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

As we advance our drone business, we have been receiving inquiries about drone light shows from local governments and other companies. We decided to launch the new business as we believe that drone light shows will pave the way for the future we envision, where the sky becomes an integral part of everyone’s daily transportation.

We will leverage the expertise and know-how we have accumulated in drone operations to provide safe and enjoyable entertainment shows.

Drone Business Development Office at SkyDrive Inc.

Risa Oishi
Public Relations
SkyDrive Inc.