Corporate Planning Office/ Flight Operation Preparation Team

After graduating from University in 2009, he gained extensive experience in the field of safety promotion, operational standards, and operational engineering in railroad companies and several airlines. He was also involved in risk management and establishment of safety management systems. He then experienced in legal and human resources management before joining SkyDrive in June 2022. He is currently responsible for the operation business of the eVTOL.


Updated on 29th January 2024

Meet Y.F., the Seasoned Aviation Professional Leading SkyDrive's Flight Operations Safety and Audit


Meet Y.F., a seasoned aviation professional who joined SkyDrive in June 2022 as Flight Operations Safety and Safety Audit. With a wealth of experience under his belt, including stints at several Japanese airlines, he was headhunted by SkyDrive’s air mobility general manager for his expertise in growing new airline companies.

Role at SkyDrive:
At SkyDrive, his role is to establish a new function that will operate the SkyDrive electric vertical and take-off (eVTOL) SD-05 aircraft, with the ultimate goal of becoming a global leader in advanced air mobility. He’s tasked with developing the new function’s operational strategy, taking into account the daily operations of the eVTOL aircraft. He emphasizes that SkyDrive is committed to not only producing high-quality aircraft but also ensuring their safe and efficient operation.
He works closely with a team of four highly experienced colleagues, all of whom boast impressive backgrounds in the airline industry. Together, they bring a diverse range of skills and expertise, including licensed mechanics, licensed operators, and commercial piloting experience in both Japan and the US. Communication is key for this team, and they’re dedicated to leveraging their collective know-how to optimize the performance of the SD05 eVTOL.

Goals and Future Plans:
Looking ahead, his focus is on establishing the eVTOL operating function in Japan, with plans to expand globally in the future. While the new function will handle certain aspects of MRO (maintenance, repairs, and operations), heavier maintenance will be handled directly by SkyDrive.
For him, working at SkyDrive is a thrilling adventure. He’s eager to welcome like-minded professionals who share his passion for advanced air mobility and are seeking a challenging career path. “Join us in shaping the future of transportation,” he invites. “Together, let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible and create a new era in aviation.”

Life in Japan:
On days off, he usually relaxes on the beach or visits friends. Since he was born and raised in the Sea of Japan side of the country, he favors walking alongside the seashore and listening to his favorite music. He adds that this is how great ideas come to mind throughout the time.

Also, he catches up with some business partners or friends when he is on a domestic business trip and has dinner together.

Future Message:
If you’re an aerospace enthusiast looking for a dynamic and innovative work environment, look no further than SkyDrive. Become a part of the team that’s revolutionizing the way we fly, and take your career to new heights.