AM Product Management Dep./PMO

Graduated from Mysore University (India) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2001. After graduation, he worked in engineering companies in India for a couple of years. In 2004, he was approached by a Japanese recruitment agency for a position in Japan, where he has been working since 2004 to the present. In Japan, he has worked for Kawasaki Heavy Industries tier-1 suppliers, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation. Initially, he worked on aircraft structural parts and machine programming. After that, he transitioned to automotive interior design and later specialized in aircraft payload systems. In June 2022, he joined SkyDrive as the PMO for the Product Development Department.


Updated on 11th December 2023

V.V. Interview


V.V. has been working in the aerospace industry since 2004 after graduating from Mysore University (India) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2001. After graduating, he worked in engineering companies in India for a couple of years until he was approached by a Japanese recruitment agency for a position in Japan. In Japan, he worked for Kawasaki Heavy Industries tier-1 supplier, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation. Initially, the positions were in aircraft structural design and machine programming, he then transitioned to automotive interior design and eventually specialized in aircraft payload systems. By June 2022, he joined SkyDrive as the PMO for the Product Development Department.

Introduced to SkyDrive through a university connection, he was captivated by the company’s groundbreaking technology and its mission to revolutionize the eVTOL industry. The vision, innovation, and commitment to excellence resonated with him, inspiring his decision to join the global AAM leader with SkyDrive.

Role at SkyDrive:
As a Project Management Office (PMO) his role is to oversee and coordinate various projects and programs. His main responsibilities as a PMO rests on Project Governance, Project Planning, Resource Management, Risk Management, Cost Control, Communication, Performance Measurement, Documentation and Reporting, Continuous Improvement. He says that the PMO helps streamline project management, reduce risks, ensure compliance with industry standards, and ultimately contribute to the successful development and delivery of aircraft and related systems.

Challenges and Solutions:
He highlights the challenges of real-time processing in eVTOL and the intricacies of software-hardware integration. These challenges are met head-on with optimization techniques, constant monitoring, and open communication channels, ensuring seamless coordination with the hardware team. He feels SkyDrive stands out in the eVTOL landscape with its stellar commitment to inter-team communication. 

Professional Growth and Goals:
He envisions a dynamic career at SkyDrive, aiming to evolve into leadership roles and actively shape the company’s trajectory. With a focus on project management, data analysis, and AI applications, he aspires to become a subject matter expert, contributing significantly to SkyDrive’s strategic direction.

In a rapidly evolving field, he stays informed through diverse channels—following industry leaders on social media, attending conferences and workshops, and actively participating in online forums. This commitment keeps him at the forefront of the latest trends and breakthroughs in eVTOL technology.

The Future of eVTOL Technology:
Looking ahead, he expresses excitement about the future of eVTOL technology. He envisions increasingly autonomous eVTOLs reshaping industries like agriculture, search and rescue, infrastructure inspection, package delivery, and environmental monitoring. AAM and eVTOLs are set to usher in transformative mobility changes, enhancing our quality of life and opening up new possibilities.

As the interview concludes, he expresses gratitude for the unexpected camaraderie and collaborative spirit at SkyDrive. Eager to witness the impact of eVTOL technology on future generations, he remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what these technologies can achieve.

In the dynamic realm of aerial mobility, he stands as a testament to the passion and innovation driving SkyDrive’s mission to redefine the skies. As the eVTOL industry continues to ascend, he remains a key player in shaping the trajectory of our airborne future.

Personal Life
His weekends in Japan vary with each offering a unique blend of activities. One weekend he night be relaxing at home, while another, he might be spending quality time with family, or at times enjoying outdoor activities, such as taking long walks, socializing with friends, or embarking on short trips to explore new places nearby. There are so many things to do, visit, and experience in Japan.

Asked about his favorite thing to do in Japan, he says it is the rich blend of tradition and modernity you can find everywhere in the country. Japan seamlessly combines ancient customs and culture with cutting-edge technology and innovation. That is a unique feature in today’s always-on societies that captivates him.
One of my favorite places to visit is Kyoto, a city known for its historical charm and preservation of traditional Japanese architecture and culture. He particularly enjoys walking around the Kinkaku-ji temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine, lapping up the serene atmosphere and beautiful gardens that make Kyoto so special to both visitors and people living there.

Overall, what he loves most about Japan is the way it seamlessly combines the past and the future, the traditional and the modern into everyday living. Japan respects its heritage while continuously embracing the future by pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation, creating a unique and captivating experience.

Message to future colleagues:
He says he is thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside the many more of you joining SkyDrive in the coming days and months. SkyDrive is an exciting and innovative company where our collective efforts lead to great achievements. As all team members embark on this journey together, he emphasizes the importance of collaboration and open communication that foster a culture of support, respect, and inclusivity. By tackling challenges together, they inspire each other and achieve goals as a company.

He says he looks forward to learning from your expertise, sharing his knowledge, and contributing to the success of the SkyDrive’s team. The combined efforts drive SkyDrive forward internationally and help us realize our communal vision.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have questions, ideas, or simply want to connect. Let’s make our time at SkyDrive a period of growth, innovation, and memorable experiences.