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Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Mackenzie University in Brazil. He has worked for Toyota in Brazil, having experienced roles such as production control, quality assurance, and logistics planning. Started a career in the aerospace industry at Embraer, working with configuration management in several commercial, executive and defense programs. Currently, he is a member of the Configuration Management Team at SkyDrive. His group is responsible for the implementation of configuration management processes and systems.


Updated on 18th December 2023

E.T. Interview

Meet E.T., a Brazilian-born engineer with a wealth of experience in configuration management in the aviation industry. Having worked for Toyota and Embraer in Brazil and Mitsubishi Aircraft in Japan, he brings a unique perspective to his current role at SkyDrive, a cutting-edge air mobility company in Japan.

According to him, what sets SkyDrive apart is its people. He is surrounded by talented individuals who are passionate about their work. The team is small, but they are all driven to succeed. As a member of the configuration management team, he plays a critical role in ensuring that data management tools and processes are up to scratch.

Role at SkyDrive
So, what inspired him to join SkyDrive in the first place? He was blown away by the company’s vision for the future of transportation. He wanted to be a part of something special, something that would leave a lasting impact on society. And he’s not disappointed. Working at SkyDrive is like being part of a sci-fi movie come to life. In a nutshell, SkyDrive is building the Jetsons’ flying car of the future.

Goals and Future Plans
Despite his impressive resume, he wants to keep improving his technical skills and contributing to the company’s success. He believes his strength lies in his ability to get things done.

Personal Life
When he’s not working, he loves exploring Japan with his wife. He says there’s so much beauty in this country, from the snowy landscapes of Sapporo to the stunning islands of Okinawa. He is also very fond of Japanese cuisine! He said that you haven’t lived until you’ve tried authentic Japanese cuisine.

Future Message
To anyone considering joining SkyDrive, he offers these words of wisdom: “If you want to be part of something truly revolutionary, something that will shape the future of transportation, then SkyDrive is the place to be. They’re not just building a product – they’re building a legacy.”