ESC Team, Power Group, AirMobility Vehicle Development Department

Graduated master’s degree in engineering at Tokyo University of Science.
He joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 2015, working as an automotive inverter design,
and contributed to Toyota’s first mass production of SiC power modules.
In 2020, he joined Denso Corporation and participated in the electric propulsion unit development project for eVTOL.
As the leader of the performance team, he designed lightweight propulsion inverters for multiple eVTOL aircraft manufacturers.
Joined SkyDrive in September 2023 and is responsible for motor and ESC development.


Updated on 25th December 2023

Engineering a Revolution: Meet S.N., One of SkyDrive's ESC Masterminds


The race to revolutionize air mobility is on, and SkyDrive is leading the charge with their cutting-edge eVTOL technology. Meet S.N., a key player in SkyDrive’s Electric Speed Controller (ESC) development and part of the company’s mission to create a sustainable, efficient, and safe mode of transportation for the future.

His journey to SkyDrive began with a childhood dream of becoming an automotive engineer. After completing his master’s degree in engineering from the Tokyo University of Science, he joined Toyota Motor Corporation and later Denso Corporation, where he honed his skills in electric propulsion unit development. With a wealth of experience under his belt, he brought his expertise to SkyDrive in September 2023, where he now plays a vital role in electric motor controllers and ESC development.


Role at SkyDrive:
As a member of the SkyDrive ESC Team, Power Group, AirMobility Vehicle Development Department, he is responsible for designing lightweight propulsion ESC for SkyDrive’s SD-05 eVTOL. His role extends beyond hardware development, as he is also involved in the certification process, examining scenarios, and testing design structure strengths. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the importance of safety in aircraft design, his contributions are crucial to ensuring SkyDrive’s aircraft perform optimally and safely.


Challenges and Goals:
His career goals at SkyDrive are centered around completing the motor and ESC design currently under development, achieving aircraft type certification, and seeing the SD-05 go into mass production. Looking ahead, he hopes to expand his technical expertise to include aircraft design and development of peripheral units beyond electric motors and ESC. Ultimately, he aspires to lead aircraft development as the chief engineer, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of aerospace mobility.

Personal Life:
Outside of his demanding workweek, he unwinds in Japan’s famous saunas and hot springs, accompanied by his wife who shares his love for relaxation and local exploration. Together, they enjoy visiting renowned spots across Japan, indulging in local delicacies, and sipping hojicha tea. So devoted to the sauna lifestyle, he even installed one in his home, allowing him to unwind and recharge after a day of shaping the future of air mobility.


Message to Future SkyDrive Employees:
To those considering joining the SkyDrive team, he stresses the significance of embracing challenges and pushing the limits of what’s possible. At SkyDrive, you’ll find a camaraderie of like-minded innovators working together towards a common goal – transforming the face of air mobility forever. For those willing to take on the challenge, the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on history awaits.
With trailblazers like him at the helm, SkyDrive is poised to revolutionize the world of air mobility. Will you join them on this thrilling journey?