Language Support Team/ AM Product Management Dep.

Graduated from University of Ritsumeikan, Kyoto, Japan with a degree in Law and Political Science, and then, moved to Australia, and graduated from University of Melbourne with a degree in Psychology and Criminology in 2001. After graduation, she obtained a permanent residency visa in Australia.
She has experienced a variety of jobs including teaching at universities and companies, project management, counseling, working at a law firm, and event planning. She joined SkyDrive in January 2022 as an interpreter, and she also offers occasional counselling sessions on request.


Updated on 15th January 2024

N.O.: The Versatile Interpreter Who Bridges Cultures at SkyDrive


Meet N.O., a versatile and adventurous individual who has been making waves at SkyDrive for nearly two years. Born and raised in Nagoya, Japan, her journey has taken her across the globe, accumulating diverse experiences that have shaped her into the dynamic professional she is today.

Her educational background includes a degree in law and political science at Ritsumeikan university in Kyoto, followed by a stint in Canada, where she developed a passion for psychology. Pursuing this interest, she went on to study psychology and criminology at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Upon graduation, she secured a job in several fields including a teacher, a project manager, and as an interpreter, which eventually led her to join SkyDrive.

As a woman in a male-dominated field previously, she faced obstacles head-on. But determined to prove herself, she earned her respect and gained valuable experience in a previous position.


Role at SkyDrive:

Her role at SkyDrive involves interpreting for various teams, including engineers, HR, and PR. What she loves most about her job is the freedom to work creatively and the camaraderie among her colleagues. “Everyone at SkyDrive is amazing!!”, she effuses.

Despite facing challenges, she has enjoyed many successes at SkyDrive. One notable instance was when her mother got injured, and she had to work remotely in the very first few months of being employed. With the help of a colleague via WhatsApp, she successfully interpreted for critical meetings despite the distance. Such moments demonstrate the power of collaboration and teamwork at SkyDrive. She shared her original struggles with engineering jargon and the unique lingo spoken by Japanese engineers. Undeterred, she persevered, thanks to the support of her colleagues and thoroughly enjoys her work today.

Goals and Future Plans:
She eagerly anticipates new experiences at SkyDrive, such as supporting the certification and flight test teams. While balancing work and personal life can be tricky, she remains committed to delivering quality work. Having recently pulled 80 hours of monthly work, she took a step back to reassess her priorities. Currently, she juggles interpreting duties with assisting and rephrasing tasks for the testing groups.

Life Outside Work in Japan:
Her passions include movies, music, meeting new people, hiking, camping, and barbecuing. She relishes visiting friends in Tokyo and Shizuoka and enjoys picnicking at night with her new partner. Another recent addition to her interests is Theater Games, a team-building activity that fosters collaboration and trust.


Future Message:
She warmly invites aspiring professionals seeking a fulfilling AAM experience to apply for a position at SkyDrive. Emphasizing the company’s friendly and supportive culture, she assures potential hires that there’s ample room for growth and learning. If you’re ready for an exciting aerospace adventure in Japan, look no further than SkyDrive. Apply today and become part of this vibrant community!