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Graduated from Technical University of Munich in Germany and Cranfield University in UK with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. She had worked for one of UAV companies in the UK as flight control engineers, covering flight dynamic analysis and control law design for tilt rotor eVTOL aircraft. Later, when the Pandemic occurred, she had to come back to South Korea and she worked at one of the defense companies as a flight control engineer to design autopilot for the missiles. Currently, she is working at SkyDrive in Japan as a flight characteristics engineer. 

H.K. Interview

SNS★ Kim

H.K. is a Korean engineer who works at SkyDrive, a Japanese company that specializes in developing electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. She is part of the team that designed the new dome feature of the propellers on the SkyDrive SD-05, which gives the aircraft its distinctive shape. In this interview, she talks about her background, her role at SkyDrive, and her experiences living and working in Japan.

She studied aerospace engineering at Technical University of Munich in Germany and Cranfield University in the UK. She worked for a few years as flight control engineer at one of eVTOL UAV companies in the UK and then worked at a defense company in South Korea as autopilot design engineer before joining SkyDRive in 2020. She was attracted to the company because of its innovative technology and its focus on sustainability and safety.

Role at SkyDrive
She works as a flight dynamics engineer at SkyDrive. Her main responsibilities is to analyze the flight dynamics and characteristics of the aircraft. She uses computer simulations to test different scenarios and ensure that the aircraft can fly safely and efficiently.  She also collaborates with other engineers to integrate the sub-system with the rest of the aircraft’s systems.

Experience Working in Japan
She says that she has enjoyed her time working in Japan and has found the culture to be quite different from what she was used to in South Korea. She appreciates the cleanliness and orderliness of Japanese cities and finds the public transportation system to be very convenient. She also notes that the Japanese are generally very polite and respectful, which has made her feel comfortable as a foreigner.

One of the biggest challenges she faced when she started working at SkyDrive was adapting to the company’s unique culture and way of working. She says that the team is very proactive and supportive.

Goals and Future Plans
Her long-term goal is to become a technical leader in the aerospace industry, similar to her current supervisor. She hopes to continue working at SkyDrive and contributing to the development of innovative aircraft designs. She believes that the company offers many opportunities for growth and development, especially for those interested in the emerging field of urban air mobility.

Personal Life
In her free time, she enjoys watching Korean-dramas and visiting shrines. She finds the atmosphere in Japanese cities to be very relaxing and enjoys exploring the local cuisine. 

Overall, She seems to be very satisfied with her decision to join SkyDrive and move to Japan. She praises the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability and highlights the supportive and collaborative environment within the team. She encourages others to consider joining SkyDrive and pursuing a career in the exciting field of urban air mobility.