AM Product Management Dep./PMO

He completed his degree in mechatronic engineering at the University of Sao Paulo in 1994 and shortly afterwards began working in the automotive industry. After nearly five years working as a product engineer in prototype development at General Motors, he changed his career path to the aircraft industry. His first challenge was dealing with the continued development of the installation of Rolls-Royce jet engines in the ERJ145 jet family, one of the first products commercialized by the recently privatized Embraer at that time. In the field of commercial aviation, in addition to product development, he was also involved in engineering management and customer support. After 9 years in commercial aviation and with an MBA in Business Management, he moved to the Defense area, where he was able to participate from the beginning of the development to the production of the KC-390 cargo aircraft, in engineering management and then in program management. After that he had the opportunity to move to Japan and work on the MRJ project as a program manager.
He joined Skydrive in May 2023 as PMO, focusing on activities related to Power (motors, batteries and power distribution) and Systems (flight control and avionics).
Outside of work, what he enjoys doing most is spending time with his children hiking, snowboarding, playing volleyball and snorkeling.

Updated on 18th December 2023

E.H. Interview


E.H., born in Brazil to Japanese parents with roots in Okinawa, found his way to Japan through a career deeply rooted in aerospace. A mechanical engineer by education, his journey began at General Motors, where he worked on prototypes with a German connection through the Brazilian Matrix designer. His career then led him to Embraer in Brazil, where he played a pivotal role in the development of Rolls-Royce engines installation for the ERJ-135 and ERJ-145.
After a stint in Engineering Management and corporate customer support, he took on a defense project in Brazil, as project manager for the KC-390 cargo transport aircraft, working for 10 years from the contract signed with the Brazilian Air Force through the development phases to its civil certification. However, a call for a new challenge from Japan’s aerospace department combined with the desire to contribute to the development of this Japanese industry marked a turning point. Intrigued by the global developments in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL), he transitioned from conventional aerospace to advanced air mobility.


Work at SkyDrive
He is an integral part of SkyDrive’s Project Management Office (PMO) team, focusing on the electrical motors, battery systems, electrical distribution, flight controls, and avionics for the company’s eVTOL. Drawing from his extensive aerospace experience, he seamlessly engages with global suppliers, ensuring effective communication between engineers and management.
Working in a lean, tightly-knit team, he emphasizes the collaborative spirit at SkyDrive. The company’s growth has prompted a continuous review of internal processes to accommodate new hires and streamline operations. Despite the rapid expansion, the team maintains a culture of mutual support and problem-solving.


Career at SkyDrive
Content in his current role, he envisions the future of SkyDrive as an internationally established company. He sees myriad opportunities for growth but expresses a steadfast commitment to the PMO, looking forward to contributing to the company’s upcoming evolutionary projects.

How is Life in Japan?
Outside of work, he and his family embrace the Japanese lifestyle. His boys’ love for volleyball and snowboarding aligns well with the diverse recreational opportunities in Japan. He particularly cherishes the pristine beaches of Okinawa, reminiscent of his family’s heritage. After visiting the southern island, he says he understands why his grandfather chose the part of Brazil where he established his family.

Message to Future SkyDrive Colleagues
He extends a warm invitation to those passionate about new technologies and eager to contribute to the forefront of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM). SkyDrive, nestled in the heart of Japan, offers a unique environment where technology harmonizes with nature. Traditional aerospace professionals with experience in jet fuel and turbofans are encouraged to bring their skills to the world of AAM and UAM at SkyDrive. He envisions a future where the team collectively shapes the mobility landscape.