Integration Team,AM Vehicle Development Dep.

Graduated Aeronautical Engineer from VTU, India in 2014, worked for Airbus Defense and Space for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles design and manufacturing, switched to commercial aircraft domain i.e. Airbus through Capgemini, worked in flight physics team for 5 years across various teams like aerodynamics, design and mass properties.

He joined SkyDrive in OCT 2023 as a team leader since he has a lot of interest in EVTOL the future aviation industry.

His hobbies are paragliding (Paragliding: My therapy in the sky) and hiking big mountains and a lot of mountains are in Japan.


Updated on 15th January 2024

SkyDrive's Secret Weapon: How D.S.’'s Expertise is Taking eVTOL to New Heights


Meet D.S., a man whose passion for aerospace engineering knows no bounds. From a young age, he was fascinated by airplanes and their ability to take people and cargo to new heights. Now, as a key player at SkyDrive, he’s helping shape the future of urban air mobility.

His journey to SkyDrive began in India, where he earned his degree in aeronautical engineering. He quickly put his skills to work at Airbus Defense and Space, where he worked on unmanned aerial vehicles and later transitioned to commercial aircraft Programs. With a hunger for knowledge and a drive to innovate, he continued to advance his career, eventually joining SkyDrive in 2023.


Role at SkyDrive:
As the Integration Team Lead Engineer at SkyDrive, he is responsible for coordinating with various teams to solve complex problems and ensure the company’s eVTOL aircraft, the SD-05, is nothing short of exceptional. Drawing on his extensive experience in aerodynamics and mass property and also design, he works tirelessly to optimize the aircraft’s weight distribution calculations and guarantee its efficiency and stability.
But his impact goes beyond just engineering. When asked about his team at SkyDrive, he gushes about their dedication and work ethic. “They’re very hardworking people,” he says with a smile. “I didn’t know what to expect at first, but everyone was welcoming and easy to work with.”

Experience Working in Japan:
And though he admits there were some challenges adjusting to life in Japan when it comes to language, but he wishes to learn the new language soon, he has found the cultural exchange to be a valuable experience. “The Japanese culture is kind-hearted and very easy to work with,” he notes. “I didn’t expect it to be like that.”

Goals and Future Plans:
Looking ahead, he is excited about the prospects of urban air mobility and SkyDrive’s role in shaping its future. “My position is a very good fit for me,” he says confidently. “I still have a lot to prove within the AAM industry, but I look forward to making the process smooth and applying everything to the final manufacturing stage of the company.”

Personal Life:
When he’s not busy engineering the future of flight, he can be found hiking on scenic trails or pursuing his passion for paragliding. “I love reconnecting with nature,” he says. “Japan has some amazing trails and opportunities for outdoor adventures. I can’t wait to explore more.”


Future Message:
For anyone considering a career at SkyDrive, he offers these words of encouragement: “If you’re looking for an advanced air mobility challenge, you’ll find a warm welcome at SkyDrive. We’re committed to meeting every challenge head-on, and we’ve assembled some of the best engineering talent in the industry to make our dreams a reality.”
At SkyDrive, the sky truly is the limit. Join him and the rest of the team in shaping the future of flight.