Structure Lead Team/ Structure Group/ AM Vehicle Development Dep.

She graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in aerospace engineering. After graduating, she joined an internship at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation working as a performance engineer tasked to create a verification tool for the pitch tracker in the avionics. Following the internship she joined SkyDrive during the test flights of SD-03, where she learned how to apply PID gain tuning to a large scale vehicle. From then on SkyDrive peaked her interest, she transitioned to the Cargo Drone team working on updating the flight control unit, then back to the air mobility team to focus on the pilot control interface of SD-05. 


Updated on 15th January 2024

From MIT to SkyDrive: C.S.'s Passion for Drones and Flying Cars


Meet C.S., a talented aerospace engineer who’s shaping the future of aviation at SkyDrive, a cutting-edge technology company. With a passion for drones and “flying cars,” she joined SkyDrive three years ago and has been instrumental in developing the pilot interface for the manned vehicle and conducting pilot handling qualities evaluations.

Her journey to SkyDrive began at MIT, where she earned a degree in aerospace engineering with a focus on control systems and rapid prototyping. She reveled in the opportunity to work on rapid prototyping projects, building scale model flying cars from scratch that could both fly and drive. Her love for hands-on engineering and teamwork led her to intern at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation in Japan, where she learned about the validation and verification process for civil aircraft. That’s when she discovered SkyDrive and knew she had found her perfect fit.


Role at SkyDrive:
At SkyDrive, she thrives in a supportive environment where colleagues readily offer assistance and share their expertise. She relishes the challenge of designing the feedback system in the sidestick and optimizing the entire human-pilot interaction within the aircraft. As SkyDrive grows exponentially, she finds it thrilling to witness the company’s transformation from a small startup to a respected player in the industry.

Goals and Future Plans:
When asked about her career goals, she excitedly shares her dream of pointing up at the sky and saying, “I helped build that!” She can’t wait to see the SkyDrive SD-05 fly with passengers on board. Despite the challenges that come with working with regulatory bodies, she embraces the opportunity to develop new skills and figure out how to validate requirements for the AAM pilot interface.

Personal Life:
Outside of work, she maintains a healthy work-life balance. She enjoys strength training and taking classes in tricking, a form of gymnastics. Snowboarding is another favorite pastime, and she highly recommends trying it out in Japan. On weekends, she takes Japanese classes and spends time with friends, occasionally indulging in her love for cooking.


Future Message:
To anyone looking to shape the future of aviation, she enthusiastically invites them to join SkyDrive. She looks forward to welcoming new team members and collaborating to create a safe, modern, and groundbreaking aircraft. Be part of the excitement – join SkyDrive today!