Motor Development Leader

Motor Development Leader

Role Overview

 This position will be responsible for motor development and member management for flying cars.

There are two possible future career paths based on the candidate’s preferences: one is to become a specialist in the motor area, and the other is to become the head of the electric drive organization (motors and inverters) or the head of the technology development organization that unites not only electric drive but also all technology fields, so that you can expand your management area.

[Role Requirement]

(1) Define requirements for motors

  • Review of system requirements for flight units from all aircraft level requirements
  • Break down and traceability of requirements to motor component requirements

(2) Simulation study and implementation

  • Able to model images and examine specifications
  • Planning and execution of simulation to confirm whether the required quality is met
  • Simple model simulation and verification

(3) Partner selection and communication

  • Search for a motor manufacturer that can meet the requirements.
  • Conduct margin control between the requirements and the aircraft for the partner

(4) Performance confirmation and testing

  •  Check whether the delivered motors meet the requirements.
  • Check the performance of the delivered motor on actual equipment and identify areas for improvement based on cooperation with the prototype and test teams.

(5) Management

  • Formulate personnel plan for the ideal motor development organization with superiors
  • Hiring of motor engineers (documents and interviews)
  • Task management of team members and personnel management

There is nothing better than the joy of creating a “flying car” with your own hands. Various teams, such as power electronics, flight control, aerodynamics, and certification, work in unison and focus on the single goal of creating a flying car.
In addition, since we are involved in the entire process from upstream to downstream, from product planning to actual testing, it is an environment where we can strongly feel that we have created the product with our own hands.
We are proud to be an environment where you can enjoy “One & Only” development that you can only experience at SkyDrive.

The AC motors used in flying cars must have high output, light weight, and high reliability in order to “fly safely”. The safety and reliability of the motors must meet the strict certification standards of the aviation industry, and for this reason, when the motors are completed, you can be proud to say that you are a “top-notch motor engineer”.


You must satisfy all of the following

  • Experience in the entire process of motor development from upstream to downstream
  • Experience in negotiating and coordinating with internal and external parties.


Those who meet any of the following requirements

  • Experience in developing high-power AC motors for eVTOL, automotive applications such as HEV/EV, industrial equipment, or large air conditioning systems.
  • Experience in developing motors with a high degree of novelty.

What we are looking for

  • Experience in negotiating and coordinating with internal and external parties.
  • People who can proactively work on new and innovative themes.


  • Development Base Toyota(Asuke-Chiku, Toyota City, Aichi)or Tokyo

*If you live outside Aichi Prefecture, you must be able to travel to the development site.

Benefits and Others

  • Discretionary labor system
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and New Year Holidays
  • Health insurance, employee pesion (according to Japan standards), employement insurance, worker’s accident compensation insurance