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SkyDrive and Volatus Create Strategic Alliance

SkyDrive and Volatus Create Strategic Alliance

  • SkyDrive plans to utilize Volatus’ advanced air mobility (AAM) infrastructure including vertiports and charging stations
  • Both companies will cooperate with each other with the common goal of promoting AAM

TOYOTA CITY, JAPAN, September29, 2022 — SkyDrive Inc. (hereinafter SkyDrive) has formed a strategic alliance with Volatus Infrastructure, LLC (hereinafter Volatus). SkyDrive and Volatus agree to form a strategic alliance to support each other’s business development and market expansion goals. SkyDrive will integrate Volatus’ AAM infrastructure including vertiports and charging stations into their U.S. business platform. SkyDrive will also support Volatus in expanding their eVTOL infrastructure into the Japanese market.

SkyDrive is the leading manufacturer of eVTOLs1 in Japan and is currently engaged in the development of a compact, two-seat electric-powered aircraft named “SkyDrive SD-05.” SkyDrive reached a key milestone when Japan Civil Aviation Bureau accepted its application for type certification of the SD-05 in October 2021.

In alignment with SkyDrive’s own vision, Volatus is focused on making its eVTOL technology widely accessible to everyone by steering the AAM industry towards agreeable standards. Volatus has also committed to keeping the cost of their products and services priced to allow for universal accessibility.

Volatus will provide tailored infrastructure packages to SkyDrive as one of SkyDrive’s preferred vendors that includes eVTOL vertiports and charging facilities. These packages will also be extended to SkyDrive’s customers as desired. SkyDrive, within its capacity, will support Volatus in the development of its infrastructure. The two companies will cooperate with each other with the common goal of promoting AAM.

“Volatus is planning to build permanent vertiports in many states in the US, starting with Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and SkyDrive is looking to utilize their vertiports,” said SkyDrive CEO Tomohiro Fukuzawa. “We believe our collaboration will accelerate and promote advanced air mobility.”

“This is a huge step forward for the global eVTOL industry,” said Grant Fisk, Volatus Infrastructure Co-Founder. “We can best serve communities and make this technology accessible faster by working together. SkyDrive will play a critical role in creating our cargo hub.”

About SkyDrive Inc.
SkyDrive was established in July 2018 with the mission of “leading a once-in-a-century mobility revolution.” Since then, it has advanced the development of flying cars and cargo drones while working in partnership with others to promote the shared vision of a future in which people use air mobility as a means of transportation in their daily lives. SkyDrive is the only company in Japan that has successfully conducted piloted test flights and is now involved in designing a system for future air mobility as a member of Japan’s Public-Private Council for AAM. The company’s cargo drones, which can carry payloads of up to 30kg, are currently being used at worksites in remote mountainous areas in Japan. SkyDrive is aiming to launch a flying car service in the Osaka Bay area in 2025. SkyDrive is headquartered in Toyota, Aichi.
Tomohiro Fukuzawa is the CEO of the company.
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About Volatus Infrastructure, LLC
Founded in 2021, Volatus Infrastructure, LLC is connecting communities to the future with best-in-class eVTOL infrastructure technology to ensure society is ready for the future. Volatus offers three main eVTOL infrastructure designs, a vehicle agnostic charging station, plus an app and maintenance programs. By tailoring to specific needs while incorporating the latest technologies their work positively impacts clients and the communities they serve. Join the future with Volatus Infrastructure.

Editor’s Note:

  1. eVTOL is short for electric vertical takeoff and landing. eVTOLs are characterized by electrification, autopilot, and vertical take-off and landing. As a new advancement in the field of mobility, the development of eVTOLs is being promoted in many countries around the world. In Japan, the Public-Private Council for Air Mobility Revolution was established in 2018 with meetings held since then.

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