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Toyota City, CARTIVATOR, and SkyDrive Inc. have signed a cooperation agreement on “Flying Car” development.

Toyota City, CARTIVATOR, and SkyDrive Inc. have signed a cooperation agreement on “Flying Car” development.

In 2019, May 9th, Toyota city (The mayor: Toshihiko Ota), CARTIVATOR(Co-representatives: Tsubasa Nakamura, Tomohiro Fukuzawa), SkyDrive Inc. (President: Tomohiro Fukuzawa) concluded the agreement of “Flying Car Development” for new industry creation.

This agreement is to work on it with the aim to realize “Flying Car” of new epoch industry by promoting research & development of “Flying Car” and conducting the verification test for social implementation in Toyota city where people & companies of manufacturing gather.

With this agreement, strengthen the partnership between three parties and continue effort for industrialization of “Flying Car” in this area.

Toyota city mayor, Mr. Toshihiko Ota

Toyota city has developed with manufacturing industry, mainly car industries. However, revolutionary period has been reached by AI, IoT of technology revolution and energy conversion. Under these circumstances, the creation of new industry for the future is necessary besides the basic industry of car.

Toyota city established “Monozukuri creative base SENTAN” to provide comprehensive support for “new business”, ”creation of innovation” of manufacturers and provided the development base for the flying car and for indoor flight test.

We will support further for the practical use & industrialization of “Flying Car” with cooperation among three parties.

CARTIVATOR Co-representative: Tsubasa Nakmura, Tomohiro Fukuzawa
SkyDrive Inc. President: Tomohiro Fukuzawa

Thank you very much for the variety of means of supports such as the base of activity for CARTIVATOR and SkyDrive Inc. which started with people of interested in Toyota city.

By utilizing the demonstration field provided from Toyota city, we will develop “Flying Car”, conduct a verification test, then accelerate our activity for Manned-demo flight in 2020 and subsequent commercialization. I hope this agreement promote the discussion for social implementation and for cooperation with regional industry as well.

I would appreciate the support & advice with thought of everyone in Toyota-city, so we’ll go forward on development of “Flying Car”.

【Summary of Partnership agreement about “Flying Car” development for creation of new industry】

1. The name of the agreement

Partnership agreement about “Flying Car” development for creation of new industry

2. The date of agreement

May 9th (Thu) in 2019

3. Cooperation item of the agreement

(1) Related with Flying Car Research & DevelopmentTo promote R&D of “Flying Car”, develop the vehicle at “Monzukuri creation base SENTAN” or conduct both indoor & outdoor flight test at verification field in city-owned land, and aim to realize the first manned-flight in Japan.

(2) Related with the verification test for social implementation of Flying Car

To promote social implementation, consider the verification test through sorting the issues in each region of this city which is microcosms of Japan and discussion for the solution & information exchange.

(3) Related with the industrialization of Flying Car

Proceed with the investigation for matching with municipal manufacturers for industrialization by information exchange and discussion to improve Flying Car as reginal industry (mass-production, sales, service etc.)

4.  The role for three parties

■Toyota city:

Provision of the places for development & verification test, discussion with country & prefecture about legislation, sorting issues for reginal industrialization, provision of the opportunity for matching etc.

■CARTIVATOR / SkyDrive Inc.:

Vehicle development, Performance of flight test & verification test, Provision of examination data, Creation and improvement of business model for industrialization etc.