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SkyDrive and Government of Gujarat in India Sign Strategic Partnership

SkyDrive and Government of Gujarat in India Sign Strategic Partnership

Agreement to Drive eVTOL Technology in India by 2027

TOYOTA, Japan, 11 January, 2024 – SkyDrive Inc. (“SkyDrive”), a leading Japanese eVTOL aircraft (*1) manufacturer based in Japan, today announced the signature of a Strategic Partnership Agreement to cooperate enabling the future of eVTOL aircraft operations in the State of Gujarat in India. 

With the agreement, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and SkyDrive will explore the settings of the ecosystem that is required for social implementation of our eVTOL aircrafts within the States of Gujarat by 2027.      

In addition to developing the Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem, we will carry out feasibility studies of creating new business related to our eVTOL in Gujarat within the cooperation.

Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat, Mission Director Mr. Videh Khara, and SkyDrive CEO, Tomohiro Fukuzawa at MoU Signing Ceremony for Strategic Partnership Agreement

Comment by Tomohiro Fukuzawa, SkyDrive Inc. CEO
“SkyDrive and Suzuki have been collaborating in business development of eVTOL in India and developed suitability use cases. We are delighted to enter into the partnership with the most innovative state in India, Gujarat, also the hometown of the Prime Minister of India, to embark on the journey together. We would like to work closely together as the public and private sectors to provide solutions for the social issues such as mobility emissions and urban congestion.

About the Government of Gujarat
The Department of Science and Technology under the Government of Gujarat promotes, supports and facilitates the growth and development of new and emerging technologies to enable the development of Gujarat. The Department also works for popularization of Science to increase scientific temper among the masses. 

About SkyDrive Inc.
SkyDrive was formally established in July 2018 after testing flying car concepts and prototypes from 2014 with the mission of “taking the lead in the once-in-a-century mobility revolution.” Its vision is to create a future where everyone has access to eVTOLs as their daily transportation in Japan and across the world. The company succeeded in the first crewed eVTOL flight test in Japan in 2019 and its eVTOL “SKYDRIVE” is in the process of acquiring its Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) certification. SkyDrive has been selected as a company to participate in the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) project at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan. SkyDrive plans to begin production of “SKYDRIVE” in the Spring of 2024 at the plant owned by official production partner Suzuki Motor Company. SkyDrive is headquartered in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture. Tomohiro Fukuzawa is the CEO of the company.

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Editor’s Note:
(*1) “eVTOL” is an abbreviation for electric vertical takeoff and landing. eVTOL aircraft are characterized by electrification, a fully autonomous autopilot, and vertical takeoff and landing. It is also called Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) or Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

Yoshimi Yamamoto
Public Relations
SkyDrive Inc.