Beyond Drive.

SkyDrive demo flight in the 2020 summer


Air Mobility

Flying Car/ SD-03 SkyDrive manned flight model


Cargo Drone

A cargo drone service for transportation of
heavy materials in various industries


Future World with SkyDrive 2030

Everyone drive in the sky freely. 
The future is now.

Develop “flying car” from Japan. SkyDrive Inc. is a company with such passions. It is a start-up that started with engineers in the fields of aircraft, drone, and automobile. It was founded mainly by members of the voluntary group, “CARTIVATOR” established in 2012.

Roadmap to sky mobility revolution

Together with Japanese government and private enterprizes created the roadmap for flying car realization. With this time schedule, public and private are developing businesses and technologies.

Roadmap to sky mobility revolution


Would you like to start “once in-a-century mobility revolution” together?


SkyDrive Activity