Air mobility

Air Mobility

Liberate Yourself with “Driving & Flying”. 

While enjoying views from the sky, you can be free of stress by avoiding traffic jams and rush hour trains. The freedom of 3D movement makes all this possible. 

Liberate Yourself with “the World’s Most Compact Air Mobility”. 

The size is equivalent to an automobile and the price is within the same range. The vehicle has the eco-friendly benefits brought by electrification and reduced infrastructure needs, such as roads and bridges.

Liberate Yourself with “Speed and Reduced Travel Times”.

The ability to take-off and land vertically, gives us airport-like services within cities. This feature opens the way for door-to-door mobility, with quick and free travel.

SD-03 SkyDrive manned flight model

SkyDrive demo flight in the 2020 summer

SD-XX SkyDrive Concept Model 

  • SkyDrive Inc.


SkyDrive concept model


Vertical takeoff and landing

Compact size equivalent to automobiles

Safe and secure

Electrically powered

※Original idea : Daisuke Iguchi (CARTIVATOR) Refinement : Tetsuya Kon(SkyDrive)

Basic specifications

Size Length4.0m×width3.5m×height1.5m
FuelBattery (electric)
Propeller8 in the four corners of the vehicle

Flight specifications

Maximum take-off weight 500kg
Flight Speed2
DurationBattery (electric)
Flight altitude~500m

Travel specifications

Travelling Speed 60km/h

SkyDrive Activity